Born in 1978 in the city of Christian Dior (Granville, Normandy - France), i was raised with so many music influences that i was like a sponge absorbing everything around, what became the basis of my large musical culture which evolved with time: from classical music to eighties when as a kid, from Hip-Hop (which inspired my DJ name) to Pop as a teenager, and then from Disco-Funk to Electronic music....quite a wide range !


In 1996, i started learning to deejay in the best casino nightclub of France's north-west shore: "L' Aventure". During 2 years, i did every warm-up each week-end there and improved my technical skills on legendary Technics MK2 and Pioneer CDJ-500 II, while developing my musical database.

I decided then to move to Switzerland to find a job and as i used to work as a bartender in parallel, i became bar-manager in a highly-frequented bar-club where i hear & met swiss DJs who gave me the envy to be back at the decks quicker than expected. I then dismissed from my job to try to live my dream to be a pro DJ.


A few parties in swiss nightlife later, i did some replacements for the resident DJ in an another casino (2nd) at the swiss border what leaded me to be noticed and then, recruited by the casino's group as the resident dj of a new casino club (L'Isba, 01- France) where i spent 3 years there perfecting my style and knowledge in deejaying.

After these 3 years, i was looking for a new challenge: find a bigger club (not in a casino this time) and also a place where i could use my nightlife relations and experience to become art director and to program artists or House DJs. I was quickly contacted by nightclubs but the one i finally chose never opened and, as i moved for it, i needed to quickly find an alternative ! Few weeks later, it' s finally (and again) in another casino* in which i took office, not as a DJ this time, but as a club manager.

This experience was really instructive, but as i developed my renown on the internet at the same time with productions and mixtapes (some reaching more than 150 000 downloads), i missed the decks and left the club after two years.


Trying to find a new club as a resident DJ or a booking agency to tour with was more difficult than expected, that's why i decided to create my first own agency: "Spears".

Thanks to "Spears", i learned a lot about management and booking, and how difficult it was to convince people that what you propose with your team is much more better than the average of all the gigs done everywhere.

"Spears" nevertheless led me to perform in whole France, Morocco (Tangier, Rabat, Marrakesh), then, back to Switzerland, in many clubs in Lausanne and Geneva, and even in Dubaï.

A professional meeting with Luciano from Cadenza made me realize that i didn't take the right path to go where i wanted, and after one more year spinning again in all-style clubs of Switzerland (notably for "Hed Kandi" or for the "Lake Parade" Opening among others...), i decided to go deeper in my style, to stop commercial clubbing sets, and i created a new agency called "M8TE", with Deep & Tech-House DJs friends and producers.


After 16 years of activity in nightlife, playing in thousands parties in many clubs in France and abroad, touching to many jobs, and creating 2 agencies, i know now that you must work harder than the others, and constantly learn to improve yourself to access the upper level.

I now dedicate my time between my agency's activities (also as a graphic artist and webdesigner), music production, private and house gigs for brands, showcases and festivals...and of course venues interested in deep house, tech house, nu disco, balearic & lounge DJ sets.


The rest is yet to be sure i'm still workin' on it. IB



* 6th casino / 2 casinos & clubs opening